Maya V-Ray - Fly-through Animations with Indirect Illumination


Do you always have the problem when creating nice photo realistic animations, that your render of the Animation flickers..You always get a lot of moving color blotches...
With this Tutorial I want to show you how to create smooth flicker-free Animations using the tip of pre-rendering you Indirect Illumination pass, and re-use it for you final rendering. 
This useful trick is only applicable to Situations where your objects in the Scene are static...which means no moving object or characters. It is commonly used for Fly-Through animations, Arch-Viz´s and similar Situations. 
For this Tutorial I created a very simple scene, just to show you guys how I am setting up my scene.
Other than that I will talk about Linear Workflow ( LWF ) and how to set it up correctly.



Author: Arvid Schneider



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