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pack 013 news
HDRI Hub just released its recent HDRI Pack 013. We are offering an early order discount of 30% on this bundle. You pay only $69 instead of the regular price of $99.

Get a bunch of great high quality architectural textures and high resolution High Dynamic Range Environments! Check out the latest textures and skies in our shop!

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HDRI-Hub Team

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HDRI-Hubs main goal is to provide you with super high resolution hdri images and architectural textures.
Often textures you find in the internet are way too small for really close up work, so we like to produce them in this outstanding quality.

Most of our textures are at least 4096x4096px large or even bigger and the hdri environments are around 10240x5120px. On custom request many of the skies can be reproduced at even larger resolution.


  • Custom HDRI shooting
  • CGI Production Support
  • Architectural and automotive rendering
  • 360-degree Virtual Tours

For more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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